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Virtual Set

虚拟演播室(virtual studio)是以虚拟场景为主体的电视演播室,给影片制作带来很大的方便。这技术经常被应用于世界各大电视台中。

O Plus Media Technology Ltd.,将这种高端技术推向普及,配合Easy Tracking 系统让制作人更容易操控,得心应手,实现无限的想象空间。


Event Projector

Broadcasting AR/VR Tracking Devices

Real-time video camera position and angle of the image, and add the corresponding image technology, the virtual world set in the real world and interact.
Augmented reality has been widely used in square, conferences, exhibitions and large-scale exhibition hall. Support 4K playback.

16m Supper Crane

The new 16-meter professional super crane configuration photography camera ,electronic cradle head with outstanding performance .

1 month pre-order prior to the event.


The only 1: 1 holographic stage in Hong Kong.

Our studio set up real-time virtual Set system (Orad) and real Full HD recording system.
Five meters holographic performance stage, projection and stage backdrop appearance of 3D Mapping, for real-time shooting or post-production output for playback or performing on stage.
Pre-shooting equipment, including high-definition broadcast cameras and digital video equipment.
We have a different brightness and focus lamp cold light tube lights.
Disaggregated rental services, 6m X 4m blue virtual shooting shed 6m X 4m black holographic image capture shooting shed, 3m X 4m real-time interactive live action shooting shed, 5m holographic stage for performances, shooting, conference.

3D holographic fan screen

The products have the characteristics of 3D realistic effect, long life, low energy consumption, easy installation, easy management, high use value, wide applicability, etc., and can also provide customers with APP, WeChat small program and other forms of cluster advertising video release and video content editing management mode, which is widely used in shopping malls, cinemas, exhibition halls and other places.

3D holographic fan presents real naked eye hologram: no screen display, 500,000 pixel resolution, 24 frames/SEC frame rate, higher brightness and clarity, creating real naked eye hologram; With cloud management more efficient: relying on cloud computing technology, intelligent management of advertising, cluster management distributed in different regions of the multi-typhoon fan screen equipment, more efficient; Display more brilliant: 512 high-quality full-color LED lamp beads, the picture display is more exquisite; A variety of control methods are available: support APP, small programs, Web remote control, one button upload, one button play, simple operation.

Also can be used in a variety of occasions: fan screen 3D holographic advertising machine small size, light weight, low environmental requirements, easy to install, can be used in a variety of occasions.

Holographic Showcase

Holographic showcase bases on 3D projection mirror imaging principle, it can display 3D light and shadow imaging floated in the air under treatment of 3D imaging device. Viewers can watch the 3D motion graphic suspended in the air.

Available in various shapes and sizes, please call for more detail.


Inquiry hotline: 3543 0833/3904 3500